Monday, July 4, 2011

"Proudly Stand"

I am so blessed to be able to call Teton Valley our "home"! This weekend I truly realized just how much I love living in our small mountain town. We have some of the most amazing people who live, work, and play here. A huge thank you goes out to the Huntsman Family. Their Celebration on Saturday was awesome to say the least. Glen Beck gave the best speech. I couldn't get enough and I'm not a huge fan. I really mostly get annoyed with him because my husband listens, talks, and reads Glen Beck. I'll be honest I got choked up a few times. After his speech the fireworks, video, and music presentation was unbelievable. By far the best I have ever seen. I loved being in that setting and the feelings that went along with it. I really can't even describe it besides "Proudly Standing" for what we all belief. I know it'll be a tradition in our family to spend our holiday home celebrating with family, friends, neighbors, and people who love this country as much as we do. I am proud to be an AMERICAN!

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