Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love the 80's

We finally hit 80 degrees yesterday. Summer is here! Packed my 3 boys up and headed out to the new swimming park in Rexburg. It was a great day sun, water, diet coke, cousin, and lots of girl talk. The park is also great. My boys want to go back today,but my sunburn needs a few days to heal. I love summer and can't get enough of it. My house is paying dearly for it. It really needs some attention but I'd rather be outside enjoying and soaking up this fabulous weather.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Okay so the whole posting every two weeks thing didn't really work out for me. So I changed a few things with our blog and my attitude towards it. Not a chore, not busy work, but a place to keep some memories and special things. After 5 kids my brain can't keep it all in! I'm not a scrap booker and I never take pictures, because then I have guilt not scrap booking. So this should work great for me and my "Simple" family. We really are very simple. Love the small mountain town life we have!