Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Adventure

Our family loves to be outdoors (well some of us)! So after church we went on an adventure. I call it that because something funny, scary, or crazy all ways happens to us. We loaded the fam into the pickup and headed to Big Elk Creek to catch some Kokanee.(Fish) They are very pretty a bright red color, and very easy to see in the water. We had to hike a little farther than expected and no we didn't bring a pack for Dawson. He's tipping 20lbs these days. Yes, I carried him for the most part. We made a sling from my hoodie which saved us big time. I'm sure Jeff and Dakota had the most fun of all. Ki had a slingshot and he was going to protect us if anything happened. Like Bigfoot!!! He always make thing so much fun. A very funny kid.

On are way home! Can't wait for the next Jeppesen adventure. Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School!!!

I always hate the first day of school. I feel so bad for the kids. (Summer is over) But by the 2nd day I'm thankful it has started. Its nice to have some sort of a schedule. Lakynn is in 8th, Tatum is in 6th, and Dakota is in 4th grade. Kiowa is headed off to preschool tomorrow. Peace and quite for a few hour out of the day will be so nice. Dakota has his first football game tonight. Way excited to watch him hit some kids hard! Lakynn has her first volleyball game tomorrow night. GO LOU! Tatum, well I need to find her a dance class. They are very limited in our valley or I should say a good one is very rare. The little boys just hang with me and are very good supporters of their siblings activities.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lake Powell

The Kapalua! Our family trip to the Lake this year was so fun. I dare say it wasn't the best for a few of us, but it was still a good trip. We took Dawson with us. He's only 4 months old. He was a very good baby on the trip, but then again he always is. Tracy (Jeff's sister) was 3 weeks away from having her baby, so you can imagine how she felt. Over all everyone had and awsome time. Its Lake Powell its always awsome there. Here is a few of our pics from the trip.

Kiowa Turns 5

July 1st is Kiowa's birthday. We had a little water party for him with his friends. They played on the Bonsai slide , had a water balloon fight, and ate treats. It was a fun day. Kiowa had his hero at his party Jesse Dewey. Thanks for coming! He provided lots of entertainment for the kids. Jesse is from our ward he's only 9 or so years older than Ki, but a way good sport.

Melissa made these dress up clothes for Ki. He loves them. Thanks to everyone for the gifts and celebrating this day with us. Happy Birthday Kiowa!!!